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Anywhere But Here

by The Ataris

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    SIDE A
    1. Bite My Tongue
    2. Make It Last
    3. Clara
    4. As We Speak
    5. Blind And Unkind
    6. Take Me Back
    7. Lately
    8. Let It Go
    9. Alone In Santa Cruz
    10. Boxcar

    SIDE B
    1. Anderson
    2. Neilhouse
    3. Perfectly Happy
    4. Myself
    5. Four Chord Wonder
    6. Hey Kid
    7. Sleepy
    8. Angry Nerd Rock
    9. 1-2-3-4
    10. Ray…

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What can I say? I'll bite my tongue again today. What can I do? when I feel so stupid over you? I wish they'd just go ahead and cut it off. And, I don't wanna work anymore Cause sometimes I just can't ignore The way I feel when I see you smile. And someday I'll just shut my eyes and maybe then you'll realize... I'm just a fucking geek in love with you. When's the right time? To use a stupid pick up line? "So how's the weather? Do you wanna spend the night together?" I know that you are just a girl but in my eyes you rule the world. I just thought I'd let you know... You're my best friend and that's ok, but I wanna see you night and day, and wake up holding you right by my side. I've said my piece so now I'll run and hide... I'd bring you candy and flowers, Sit by the phone for hours... sing a song outside your window just if you would let me know. No more waking up lonely, will you be my one and only? Please let me know right now cause I'm not gonna live forever.
Make It Last 01:39
There's a lot on my mind so I guess that I'll take it one thing at a time, still sometimes I can't help but wonder why... I sit around all day and I waste my whole damn life away, still thinkin' bout' just what there is to say. Should I say goodnight? ...go to bed, turn out the fucking light and leave you shining in the past. Should I try and forget? ...even though next week it's something I'll regret. Or, should I try and make it last? I think about the day when I felt you'd throw it all away to try and make me feel like I'm the one. You were my best friend, and I never ever thought those days would end, but now it seems like they are gone. What more can I say? ...I never wanted it to be this way, and where the hell is yesterday? ...We sure had a blast! I'm sorry that we're living in the past, should we try and make it last?
Clara 01:47
I saw you crying as I turned away. Did I see your face like it wasn't there? And I know I was wrong... yeah, I knew it all along, but I didn't care about you. Clara where are you today? Did you make the same mistakes that I made, a million times before I met you? Did you go, did you run? Did you think of your son? Do you know you're not the only one that tried to make a piece of coal into a diamond? yeah.
As We Speak 01:01
It's nice to meet someone with a future as fucked up as mine. So, I'm unpredictable is this some fucking sign of the times? I take pride in what I do, and I do it well. Call me easy-going but at least I have a finished story to tell cause tomorrow I just might be another face on your T.V. Being arrested for telephone fraud or beating someone to death with my guitar! But I know I will go far, I know I will go far enough to tell you that I love you but I know I'm stupid just because I run right back to you. I got your letters yesterday but I do have a thing to say so I'll nail em' to my wall and just pretend they'll go away! I don't wanna love you, but it's something that I love to do. So I'll say this one last thing and then I'm... gone away for good... Was I misunderstood? I guess that it's too late to save you now!
You inhale the toxic fumes, I look away, and then resume to... do all the things that I told myself I wouldn't ever do. Why do I always believe, that I'm in love with everyone I see? And, why did the next one have to be you? Why do you believe that everything I say is true? Why must I always do this? Why do I put myself through this? Love is blind and so unkind... I never can make up my mind! I undo the thought from my head, forgetting all you ever said. Today it's you, tomorrow someone else, maybe I'm just better off by myself! I forget that it's just you... and not some person that I've always knew! Love is blind... love is a lie
Take Me Back 01:50
I am blue, the sky is gray. I guess it's better off that way. There's really not much left to say. I called you on the phone, another guy said that you weren't at home, but I don't care I'll call you again anyway. Baby I'd give you the world... please forget about those fifteen other girls. I don't care what they say... I didn't mean to stand you up on our wedding day. I'm sorry that I gave you that infection and said we had sex on the Love Connection. Can I ever make it up to you? I'm sorry that I made you mad, the things I did just didn't seem that bad... except for maybe when I blew up your car. Oh baby what can I do? Every girl I'm with makes me think of you. I call your name in my sleep, too bad you think that I'm a creep. Please take me back...
Lately 01:43
Lately I've been feeling a little bit neglected. When it comes to your ex-boyfriends, well, I guess I'm overprotective. But it's nothing personal. I just wanted you to tell me that you care. Lately I've been thinking bout' stickin' my hand in a toaster. I never asked to take a ride on this emotional roller coaster. It's you that I want, and lately it feels like you're not there. Lately I've been contemplating jumping in the ocean. Sometimes even Spock would show a little more emotion! Do you still love me now as much as you loved me yesterday? I try to let it out. I bitch, cry, moan, whine, scream and shout today, but the wall wouldn't listen to me! Why wouldn't it listen to me? I'm sick of always cryin'. I don't wanna be sick of trying, but you've gotta want me too. Lately I've been hoping for a little bit of affection. Sometimes I wish that you had came with your own set of directions. I guess it's not that easy, but I hope that you still love me anyway. Lately I've been thinkin' bout' takin' a vow of silence. I've never seen a monk result in any acts of violence. Or, maybe I'll just cry and hope you come around again today.
Let It Go 01:26
Forgot about that girl I didn't kiss... about the one show that I missed... I sorta figured out that things will turn out alright. There's no use holding on to the past. Live it up man, have a blast! Stop your whining pal and go and have some fun tonight! You gotta let it go... [x3] and things will turn out alright. You gotta let it go... [x3] and have some fun tonight! My life is changing so rapidly. I'm not sure what I wanna be... but, I understand I've still got a lot to learn. I'm pretty happy with my life. And, I'm really glad you said you'd be my wife even though we know that forever has an end. I'm gonna tell the world about my baby girl. Starla is her name, oh yes indeed!
Did I ever tell you that I really love you and I think about you all day? I really miss you and wish I could kiss you, but why are you so far away? Since you've been gone, I've thought over and over about you inside my head and where I went wrong, where I went wrong. Every day, I've been thinking a lot about all of the things you'd say since I went away, since I went away... I guess I could call you and ask you "How are you?" but I really don't have much to say... I sit all alone and I stare at the phone and I hope that you're doing ok.
Boxcar 01:58
You're not punk, and I'm telling everyone. Save your breath I never was one. You don't know what I'm all about, like killing cops and reading Kerouac. My enemies are all too familiar, they're the ones who used to call me friend. I'm coloring outside your guidelines. I was passing out while you were passing out your rules. 1 2 3 4 who's punk what's the score? I've got a friend, her name is Boxcar. Cigarettes and beer in El Sob. Her hair was blue, but now its green. I like her mind, she hates the scene. You're all alone...
I think that we're lost again and this looks like the shitty side of town. We're running out of gas and the sun is going... down... down... down. Time to turn around and start heading back in the right direction now, but my map is upside down. I just wanna make it to the show, but I don't think that we're gonna go. I can see the headline now... "Four punks found dead again... We know you don't care... but, film at ten. And, now on to sports." Things are looking bleak, everybody thinks that I'm a geek. We're hiding all our cash, my fingernails are digging in the dash. "Why didn't you ask for directions? What Cracker Jack box did you find your license in? You stupid piece of shit... I'll never ride with you again!" I just wanna make it to the show, but I don't think that we're gonna go. "Just pull over let me drive!" Everybody wants me dead. I think the club is up ahead. It feels good to be alive!
Anderson 01:57
What have I done, what have I got? Your life is really useless, your life is really shot. Gun toting losers, beer swillin' hicks. Backwards hilljacks, stupid teenage chicks. Hate it here, I hate it here this Anderson hell. Life sucks but you're too blind to tell. Don't you know I really hate it here and I will always hate it. Don't you know I really hate it here? Who have you done, who have you got? Your wife's a douchebag, your kid's a little fucking snot. Nothing to do, no place to go you're so blind you don't even know. Hate it here, I hate it here this Anderson hell. Life sucks but you're too blind to tell. Don't you know I really hate it. Oh yes I really hate it. I'd rather be anywhere but here. Will you ever set out or will you just die?? (Probably die) I don't care anymore or even want to try. Trailer park bred, fast food fed, Forever K-Mart shopping, fucked in the head. Hate it here, I hate it here this Franklin hell. Life sucks but you're too blind to tell. Don't you know I really hate it here Still I'll do nothing about it... I'd rather be anywhere but fucking here.
Neilhouse 02:04
It all started that one day when I had nothing more to say to you so I ran the other way. Love is for morons, but who's this fucking idiot that I see staring right back at me? Will someone tell me what's right or wrong anymore? Cause everywhere I go I wonder what I'm searching for. I think of all the times I've thought of you and masturbated. All this pre-teen shit has got me so frustrated! Don't turn around cause there's nothing more for you back there. I'd send a postcard, but it'd say how much that I don't care. I'm going east to say the least, to see The Queers, how true. I'll be at the Neilhouse but I'll be without you! Don't try to tell me you can't have any fun. You played me for a fucking fool but now you get to be one... don't go.
Won't be another statistic... Won't be a minority... I'll achieve every goal I have... there's not a thing that I can't be! Just as long as I am happy, that's all that matters to me. I'll walk away from this place on that unhappy day that I have to follow rules, this so-called book you go by was written for a fool! Maybe now you understand life from my point of view, I've got my head on straight and have no urge to be like you! Oh sure I strive for a better life. But, is that so fucking wrong? Change in my pocket... girl by my side... perfectly happy.
Myself 02:18
I live my life day by day, hating it in every way. Sitting all alone, keeping to myself, far away from everyone else. Even though I feel alone inside, sometimes I find it hard to hide. It's hard to keep my feelings in, I just wanna express myself again. I'm gonna speak my mind. You should speak your mind! I wonder how I'll tell you how I feel, and how do I know if this feeling's really real? I don't understand the reasons why instead of speaking your mind you don't even try... you don't even care.
How many bands have wrote this song before? I can name at least fifty... I bet you could name a hundred more. There's over a couple thousand chord progressions around. Will someone tell me who decided they'd run this one into the ground?! I'm putting a stop to it once and for all! I'm putting my fist right through the wall! I'm telling you one and all... You better not write this stupid song again! "I've got a little plan, so listen up. We could write a four chord wonder, and make a million bucks!" No need to mention names cause you know who you are. Take word of my advice or I'll break your guitar! I think it's time to set things straight... I just write the song I hate. And, I'll write it again and again and again.
Hey Kid 02:11
I wait for the day to come when I'll wake up and be a star. I dream of a different world... somewhere where we will go far. I bitch about my life. I bitch about the scene. I hate this fucking town and wish that it was all a dream. Bitch, bitch, bitch! That's all you ever do. Bitch, bitch, bitch! Your ego will destroy you. Bitch, bitch, bitch! That's all I have to say. Bitch, bitch, bitch! Now I'll just fade away. Just as long as I act cool then people will suck up to me. They won't realize that I'm a fake and that's what I'm always going to be. A dreamer and a kid who changes every day. Someone that has to talk when he's got nothing to say. Hey kid, it's a great big world out there that you think you need to see. Hey kid, go on and live that life... But live it without me! Bitch, bitch, bitch! That's all you ever do. Bitch, bitch, bitch! No one's more punk than you. Bitch bitch, bitch! Your life is just a trend. Bitch, bitch, bitch! We'll see who's happy in the end.
Sleepy 00:59
It's frivolous, it's pointless, I'm waiting here in line. I'd buy a cup of coffee but I just wanna kill some time. I'm watching you, now, I'm staring at you. I figure that you notice, but you really don't have a clue (a clue). Time sure does fly when your just a lonely boy, waiting for someone to come along and ruin your fun. Sitting all alone with that quiet smile on your face. I pretend I'm not interested by staring off into space. Why did I act like I didn't even care? Now I wish that you could only be there. A game of cat and mouse that curiosity has killed, just call it pointless... call it what you will.
Ray 00:55
Sometimes I sit and think about yesterday... of all those simple words that I didn't even say. I just sit back and wonder why... (wonder why...) ...everything is just bought and sold, and why everyone listens to what they're told. No matter what you do you'll never get ahead and to everyone else you're just better off dead! Sometimes I sit and watch you on T.V. and I just think about how cruel it would be... to call your family at a quarter til' four. "Ray doesn't live here anymore..." (anymore...) Survey... sez, Survey sez yeah! Survey... sez.


released February 10, 2015

All songs written by Kristopher Roe
except "Boxcar" by Blake Schwarzenbach
and "Butterfly" by Rivers Cuomo


all rights reserved



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